Water vs Oil for skincare

Hydration vs Moisture

Is there a difference?  As long as I put something that makes my skin feel nice it’s enough, right? Why does knowing the difference between hydration and moisture matter to me?

I am here to help break down the difference between hydration and moisture. Knowing this may change your skin health dramatically.

Hydration means water based. Moisture means it is oil based. Based on your skin type determines which one you should be applying after cleansing. 

If you skin is oily and gets shiny through the day, you need to hydrate more! Your skin is dehydrated. It is over producing oil trying to compensate for the lack of water in the skin. You can do this by drinking more water and using a water based moisturzier.

For dry skin, it normally needs a moisturizer which is oil based but it usually needs hydration as well. It is recommended to apply a oil and then follow with a hydrating cream.

It is a great idea to try different products to find the perfect combination for your skin. These are my two favorite products from Dermalogica. You can schedule a free skin consultation at any time. I look forward to helping to achieve all of your skincare goals!