What To Expect When Sitting in Sarah’s Makeup Chair

Hello Beautiful! 

Feeling unsure about trusting someone else to do your hair or makeup? It can be a very vulnerable place.  

But . . .  I get so excited, because I feel like I am about to get to know my new best friend.  You! I have one goal with every client I work with, and that is to make sure she leaves my chair feeling confident and beautiful. 

If you are ready for this experience, here are a few things that you can expect when you sit in my chair… 

  1. Prepare to be asked a million questions!!! The only opinion I care about is yours. I am going to ask you questions about your skin, your favorite colors, your daily makeup routine, your plans for the day, what you are wearing, and many more. Every makeup look and hairstyle that I create is customized to you and your preferences. My goal is to make sure you feel beautiful and confident! That is why your feedback is so important to me as I create the perfect look just for you. 
  2. Prepare to enjoy listening to your favorite podcast, audiobook, or music playlist. We can have a jam session and have a mini dance party. If I need to stop doing makeup for 30 seconds so we can dance, I absolutely will. I want this experience to be fun and relaxing. 
  3. Prepare to strictly follow the rule of “No Negativity Allowed”.  As a hair and makeup artist, I do not believe in imperfections. I will enhance your favorite features, like your eyes, to bring the focus away from the pimple on your forehead. I will contour your cheekbones to show off your beautiful bone structure. I have tricks to hide a bald spot while styling hair, so your hair looks voluminous. We all have something that we don’t love about ourselves, and it only means we are human. We can instead focus on your unique beauty that only you have!
  4. Prepare to tell me about your passions! Whether that is food, traveling, or skydiving, hearing about what you love is one of the best parts of my job. You will hear about my love for french fries and Cafe Rio at least once. I don’t care if you have been married for 25 years or about to walk down the aisle, please tell me about your love story. I love, love, LOVE hearing about your own love story. 
  5. Prepare to have a schedule with details and time limits. When you are in my chair, you only have one job – relax and enjoy the experience. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime day. I will personally confirm with you a schedule that fits the timeline of your wedding or event. You then can leave the rest up to me. 

This is an experience that I want you to enjoy, whether I am working with you for a wedding or any other event. I love building relationships!  So let’s be best friends that chat about new makeup products, or tips to make your curls last longer. My number is 435-823-5940. Text or call me anytime to talk about your upcoming event or to answer any questions.  

This beautiful video was filmed by Yamshots Media. Spencer was fantastic to work with. He made sure everyone felt comfortable and even made us laugh with his great personality. His work is amazing. I highly recommend checking out his business.