How to find Inspiration Photos

Finding inspiration photos for your hair and makeup styles isn’t a difficult task by itself. You might even have a Pinterest board full of ideas! But when it comes to finding the perfect hair and makeup style for your wedding can be a little more challenging. You may find a look that you love but the colors don’t match your hair color, or your hair length is different. You may try to mix and match but the end look isn’t quite right.

So, here are a few helpful tips to find that perfect style!

1. Is the hair color similar to yours?
2. Do you have the hair length/thickness or extensions to achieve that look?
3. What does the front look like?
4. Does the hairstyle fit my wedding day (dress neckline, activities like dancing, etc)?

This was the inspiration photo for one of my brides who eloped in Cookeville, Tennessee. Beautiful, right? But there are a few things to consider with this photo such as filter color, front hairstyle, and practicality. It’s important to recognize the use of a filter in these photos because your perception of the end result will be different than the reality. A filter changes the color of that hair to seem more radiant and perfect, which is the end goal. Now, what about the front of this picture? What is happening there? How would the front of this hairstyle look? How would it frame my facial features? How well will this style last during the wedding festivities?

Here is my wonderful bride! I was able to recreate her inspiration photo, and she loved the result! But what was even more fun was seeing how much creative freedom I had to work with in the front.

I mean, look at that! It’s a perfect fit for her! And she definitely doesn’t have to worry about her hair falling apart before her and the groom get to their Nashville, Tennessee hotel!

I love my job as a hair and makeup artist in the Nashville area! I have the opportunity to work with wonderful brides like this one above and I live for that look of awe when the bride sees their look for the first time!

Another important tip for choosing your wedding hair style: choose an artist that can turn your dream into reality!