The Top 5 Occasions to Hire a Makeup Artist

There are only a few times in the ordinary woman’s life when the inexplicable need to look their best requires the help of the pros – after all, most of us don’t live our lives on camera or under lights. But, the most important moments in life are also among the most photographed, and there is something about the lifelong preservation of a snapshot in time that puts the pressure on. To get a better idea of when it is appropriate to pull out all the stops -Take a look at these top 5 most common occasions that a professional makeup artist gets hired for.

Weddings: The makeup you wear on your wedding day should not be your average everyday look, nor even a simple ‘vamping’ up of that look – your wedding face should be a singularly special event. After all – these are the photos that will last a lifetime! Whether you’re going for simple and sophisticated, bold and beautiful, or somewhere in between, getting a professional to do it the justice you deserve will not only decrease your stress but increase your confidence on the big day.

Headshots: They are not just for actors anymore – everyone out there can use a high-quality headshot! Whether it’s for your website, your business card, senior class photo, etc. – taking the time to have a professional headshot taken will make you that much more polished and sophisticated, especially when compared to the all the sloppy selfies out there. And, having your makeup done to maximize that effect makes perfect sense.

Anniversaries: Similar to a wedding, an anniversary is a time to celebrate the longevity of love – and therefore also an ideal time to show your Significant Other the best of what they’ve got! Going the extra mile of hiring a makeup artist for this occasion shows that you still want to impress them just as much as you did on that day – however many years ago it may have been. Remind them that just because they’ve seen you at your worst doesn’t mean they can’t still be wowed!

Driver’s License & Passport Photo: This one may seem a bit superfluous to some, but – think about it. This may be the most looked at photo of them all! And, as the legally identifying picture in who knows how many databases – making sure it is a representation you are proud of makes a lot of sense. After all, you’ll be stuck with that photo for a number of years before you are given another chance! Why not make the most of it?

Graduation: As another big life moment, there are pictures galore! One of you with the hat, without the hat, with the parents, with the siblings, grandparents…the list goes on. This important mark of history should be looked upon with pride and nostalgia – not regret that you didn’t bother to put your best face forward! Pull out all the stops and make sure those photos are everything they can be.

Whenever a professional makeup artist is hired outside of showbiz, it follows that they tend to be for the showiest of moments to the ordinary citizen. Everyone wants to be remembered at their best! And there are times when it is perfectly okay to take your moment to shine.

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