Makeup Tip #1: The Fastest Way Out the Door While Still Looking Great

It seems these days that makeup routines are getting more and more elaborate. First, there is primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder, finishing spray… The list goes on, and that’s not including the eyes! Especially with the introduction of things like contouring and highlighting – women are spending more and more time in front of the mirror than ever before. But, one has to ask wonder – is there a simpler way? On the morning when you just can’t bother to care, or when the alarm goes off late – what are the bare necessities?

The truth is – it’s simple. Working from the top down, its – brows, lashes, cheeks, and lips. And it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

First of all – never underestimate the power of the eyebrows. It’s true that they are all the rage lately – but the first trick is to not try to create what isn’t there, and remember that the two are sisters – not twins. Your natural eyebrows plucked into a pleasing shape are all that is needed to frame the head and provide a clean, defining structure to the rest of the face. Fill them in with a few quick brush strokes and use a color that matches your natural hair – even if it is currently dyed.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, it only makes sense to dress those windows with a healthy amount of fringe. A few swipes of mascara on top and one on the bottom will ensure that they don’t go unnoticed. It can be easy to go overboard on the eye makeup, but there is something elegant and sophisticated about keeping it on the simple side. A bit of eyeliner on the top lid adds more definition if you have the time, but is by no means necessary to make your peepers pop.

Many women have differing opinions on what they simply cannot leave the house without – some would say mascara, some would say lipstick, but the smartest woman knows – blush is the key. After all, pinching the cheeks when receiving a gentleman caller is the oldest trick in the book. Even if you haven’t the time or patience for a full face of foundation – a simple application of blush from the apple of the cheek and up towards the temple will give the illusion of a healthy, supple glow.

When it comes to the lips – a nice bold red is always a classy choice, but then again – not every day calls for boldness. The only thing that is truly needed here is a way to distinguish the lips from the rest of the face. This can be done with a lightly tinted gloss, a complimentary nude lipstick, or even some cherry chapstick if comes to it. As long as the result provides moisture and a hint of color, it will do just fine.

After all, makeup is meant to be a simple enhancement of a woman’s natural features. All of the crazy techniques and trickery that make you look like you have shifted to bones of your face is cool and all – but looking your best really doesn’t have to be so complicated! Read more great makeup tips here.  Or go to, the best Utah makeup artist you’ll ever find!