Common Makeup Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Take a look at this list of the most common makeup mistakes made by beginners and professionals alike. Even if you have your routine nailed down – there is always more to learn!

Expired Products

Just like your pantry, everything in your makeup is only good for so long before it expires. Products that are past their date are not only less effective but can also lead to skin irritation and even eye infections. Ease Chances are that if it has been there for more than a year and you haven’t used it all – it is better to throw it out than to risk it. This is especially true for things like foundations and mascaras, which typically have a six-month shelf life.

Brow Pencils

We know that having those brows on point is all the rage in the beauty world these days, but it is only too easy to take them from fleek – to freak. The secret to keeping your brows natural is to use an eyebrow brush rather than a pencil. Even with the lightest hand, a pencil gives you hard, bulky lines and a chalky or oily effect on top of the hair that is hard to blend out. Using short, quick strokes with a brush with some powder, or even a creme, will naturally create hair-like lines that will blend easily in the same step.

Applying in Bad Lighting

Everyone remembers that scene from Bridget Jones’ Diary, don’t they? There is nothing quite so dreadful as realizing that your perfectly applied makeup looks downright clownish once you step outside. Making sure your bathroom or makeup space is properly lit is critical to ensuring you are approaching your application with the appropriate technique.

Getting the Wrong Color of Lipstick

Finding the perfect shade is not as difficult as you think, but it does take some finesse. The key is understanding color theory and recognizing colors in not only the undertones of your skin but in the makeup you choose. Skin types that are ‘cool’ have a rosy or pinkish undertone, while ‘warm’ types have a yellow undertone. When it comes to choosing lipsticks, make sure you are going with a color with similar or complementary undertones.

The Lip Liner Outline

Don’t be the girl with the outlined lips! There is nothing quite as tacky as rigidly defined lip line with no filler. It’s a common enough mistake, but so easy to avoid! Yes, lip liner is your friend, but make sure to fill in the rest of the lip after you have defined your edges. Your lipstick or gloss will set it in place as it goes on overtop and helps it to wear evenly.

Waterproof Mascara

If you’re attending an event or going through a particularly emotional day where crying is inevitable – waterproof mascara is a good idea. But for the average everyday lash exaggeration – it is better to stick with the regular formula. Waterproof is not only very difficult to remove, but it dries out your lashes and makes them brittle so that you end up losing even more of them when it comes time to take it off. You will save the longevity and health of your lashes by making the switch.

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