What to Expect at Your Preview Session

WWhen you sit down for your preview session with Sarah, here are a few things to know and a list of what to bring.

1 – Bring inspiration pictures. Whether it’s a lip color from one photo and eyeshadow from another, bring what appeals to you.  It is not to mimic that makeup necessarily, but to get a feel for the look.  I find it helpful to see a picture of you in the look you’re most comfortable in!

2 – Be very direct and speak your mind. I want to make you feel confident and beautiful.  As a professional, I understand that makeup can be subjective and I do not take critiques personally.  My goal is to create a look you love.

3 – Bring your favorite makeup, like your favorite lipstick. This is so I can get an idea of colors you feel confident in. If there is a particular product like mascara or foundation that you’d like me to apply for you, I absolutely can. Keep in mind that I am a professional with a professional makeup kit containing high quality, long lasting products. I have worked with every skin tone and color. I promise I have the right color for you!

4 – Come with a clean face, if possible, for your preview session.  Also, wear a light-colored shirt if you can.  It will help you to be able to imagine your bridal look a little bit better.

5 – The following is a list of things you should bring to your preview session:

  • Veil or headpiece (if you have).
  • Clip-in hair extensions if you would like to experiment.
  • Any hair jewelry you may be considering.
  • Come with clean, dry hair. 
  • Favorite makeup.
  • Your phone – so you can take lots of selfies to remember your final decision 🙂

Send me a message to book your preview session to find your customized hair and makeup look!

Photo by Whitney Beth Photography