What is Natural Glam?

If you want to: 

– Feel like the best version of yourself 

– Still look like YOU wearing makeup 

– Enhance your favorite features

– Feeling confident and gorgeous in photos. 

Natural Glam is right for you! It’s a makeup style customized to you and what you feel comfortable wearing. It is so important to me that you look in the mirror and feel absolutely gorgeous. However I want you to still be able to recognize yourself and your true beauty which is already there.

Makeup is not about hiding your imperfections. It is about highlighting and enhancing your favorite features like your eye color. By choosing certain colors, like a hint of purple on green eyes, your eyes will stand out and compliment the makeup look.

It’s also about how you look in photos. This sweet client was the officiant for her friend’s wedding. She wanted to be confident in front of people and she also wanted to look good in photos.With the right product choices for her oily skin, we were able to make sure she looked stunning all day!