Why You Need A Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

It may not seem like a necessity, especially for the woman who is already a pro at applying her own makeup on the regular – but – there are some things a woman should scrimp on, and some she should not. The makeup you wear on your wedding day should not be your average everyday look, nor even a simple ‘vamping’ up of that look – your wedding face should be a singularly special event. After all – these are the photos that will last a lifetime! Whether you’re going for simple and sophisticated, bold and beautiful, or somewhere in between, getting a professional to do it the justice you deserve is hands down the best way to go.

Many of the more ‘down to earth’ women out there worry that hiring a makeup artist and going all out for their wedding is too far out of character and assume that the end result won’t resemble the person their soon-to-be spouses fell in love with. First of all – there is no such thing as looking too good on your wedding day – but, the desire to look like the best version of yourself is something that a good makeup artist will not only understand but strive to achieve. After all, they know it’s not about them – it’s all about you, and creating a look that is as subtle or eye-catching as you are comfortable with is part of the job. Take the time to have some introductory conversation about the type of look you’re hoping for – it certainly doesn’t hurt to include specific examples of the looks you want to avoid at all costs while you’re at it, too. And – do a test run! It may cost you a few extra bucks, but to know that you’re happy with the look that is designed just for you – before having to walk down the aisle in it – is the ultimate peace of mind.

Another thing to consider is that this makeup look is going to need a bit more durability than what your average self-taught connoisseur can do. Think about it – there will be tears, there will be kissing, there will be cake – and very likely some sweat, too. Even if you managed to accomplish the perfect lip line, color, and eyes – the chances that it will all stay where you want it and still look fresh and radiant by the time you make it to the threshold of your honeymoon suite – are slim, to say the least. Rather than spend your reception running to the bathroom to freshen up – do it right the first time! Professional makeup artists know all the tricks to make your make up practically bulletproof – and without giving you the clown cake look.

And lastly – on this day of all days, even under the best and most well-intended of circumstances – there is bound to be some stress. Weddings come with the pressure of perfection, family, and life-altering moments – and the last thing you want to be worried about is making sure your eyebrows are even and that your eyeliner is symmetrical in the midst of it all. This is also why a bit of pampering on the big day is a good idea – not to mention the fact that you, as the bride, have earned it! Let your face be one less thing on your already full plate of to-do’s and sit down, relax, and sip a pre-celebratory glass of champagne (or two) as you let the pros work their magic.

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