Do’s and Don’ts of Lash Extension Aftercare

Hi gorgeous! I hope you are loving your new set of lashes! You are now ready to roll out of bed feeling glam and ready for the day! Lash extensions require a lot of upkeep and care. 

Here are a few tips to keep your lashes healthy and stay beautiful until your next fill!

  1. DO NOT touch or rub your eyes! By rubbing your eyes, you might pull out lashes that weren’t ready to shed naturally, possibly causing damage to your natural lashes. The oils/lotions on your hands will also cause your lashes to fall out quicker. If you have an itch just use the spoolie and gently brush the lash line.
  1. DO Clean your lashes! Wash them daily.. Using the cleanser or water and a soft brush. Work the product in and between the lashes at the lash line. Read this article by Consumer Health Digest and I promise you will find the motivation to wash your lashes:  
  1. DO NOT sleep on your face! This is a tricky rule because I know I sleep every which way. However, the pressure from the pillow can affect the retention of your lashes. If you tend to sleep on one side more, you may notice you lose more lashes from that eye. So whenever possible, sleep on your back!
  1. DO avoid extreme heat! I know this may seem like a random rule, but it is possible to melt the tips of your lash extensions causing them to fray. Avoid the heat of a campfire or even a candle. Let the heat out of the oven before getting too close.
  1. DO NOT use any oil based products around or on the eyes. Oil is sadly not lash extension friend. It will break down the adhesive. losing the bond and you’ll lose lashes quicker. 
Hybrid lash extension set.
  1. DO keep up with your appointments. I recommend every 2-3 weeks. Fills do not take as long as a full set as long as you are keeping your lashes clean and you keep regular appointments.  
  1. Do not wear mascara! You may think you are cleaning your lashes but there will always be traces of it. It is okay to wear mascara on the bottom lashes as long as it is not waterproof, because it will work its way up to the top lashes. Make sure to clean your lashes thoroughly whenever you wear eyeshadow, liner, or bottom mascara.

These tips will help extend the life of your lashes. It is up to you how well you take care of your lashes. As a lash artist, I can only make them look good after the appointment, the rest is up to you. My next blog post will be about what to avoid for your lash appointment.