Lash Extensions


 If you are looking to save time every morning, feel selfie ready any time of day, or maybe you just don’t want to worry about false lashes and mascara on your wedding day, well lash extensions are the solution for you!

Each application is customized to you and your preferences. From a natural also know as classic set of lashes to a volume set of lashes, the length, thickness, and fullness is customized to you while maintaining the health of your natural lashes. 

The application can take up to two hours as each lash is individually dipped in a medical grade adhesive and bonded to the natural lashes to create your customized lash set. Each appointment includes a full consultation and after care precautions. 

Lash extensions are painless when applied properly. Sarah Hicken is a certified lash artist and a licensed master esthetician.  Your comfort is top priority. It is essential to get your lashes filled every 2-3 weeks to maintain the fullness of the lash set. 

Sarah Hicken Artistry is fully mobile. This means you can enjoy the comforts of lash extensions while relaxing in your own home. Book your lash extension appointment now!


Nervous to book an appointment?

Download this guide to discover 6 things to expect at your first lash extension appointment