Lash Extensions

Ready to wake up ready to go?

 Lash extensions are perfect for you if you are ready to:

– Save time every morning.

– Feel confident without makeup.

– Stop wasting money and time on mascara and false lashes.

Your lash health and comfort is my #1 priority.

Sarah Hicken Artistry is double certified in lash extentions and a licensed master esthetician for 3 years.

Sarah Hicken uses special techniques that ensures more beautiful lashes that last longer and feel fantastic. Every appointment includes a consultation to determine the best length and weight and desired look. 

Sarah Hicken Artistry offers in home lash extensions services. It is the same luxury service and treatment that you’d find in a salon with the luxury of not having to leave your house. 

We bring all the supplies needed and after a quick set up, you get to lay down and relax for the next couple hour